ZPEC’s Second Rig Spuds in Daqing Haiba Coalbed Methane Project


At 22:00 on the evening of May 19, 2024, amidst the roar of the drilling rig, the Z20-X1 Well of the Daqing Haiba Coalbed Methane Project, drilled by ZPEC Rig 4, was successfully drilled in Baicheng County, Aksu Prefecture, Xinjiang Province. This is the second drilling rig deployed by ZPC Drilling Company to this project after Rig 14, marking another important step for the company to expand into new construction areas.

This market transfer is an important measure for the company to adjust its strategic layout. ZPEC Rig 4 and ZPEC Rig 14, both came from the ZPEC Aksu Oilfield. At the beginning of the equipment release, Wensu Project Manager Zhu Fengxin took the lead in setting up a relocation working group to be responsible for organizing and planning this relocation. From formulating the relocation plan, clarifying the plan and time points, to implementing the plan in detail, to installing equipment at the new well site, and accepting Party A's acceptance, everyone was properly prepared, coordinated and arranged in an orderly manner, and the 260-kilometer long-distance relocation, well installation and commission was completed in just one week, finally reaching conditions for drilling.

During Party A’s acceptance inspection, Chen Xiaorong, the Deputy General Manager of ZPEC Drilling Company, emphasized, “The smooth drilling operation of the Daqing Haiba Coalbed Methane Project by ZPEC Rig 4 once again demonstrated ZPEC’s strength and professionalism in oil and gas exploration and production. I hope that the two well teams will give full play to their technical advantages and promote the ZPEC brand and ZPEC speed in the new block. I believe that, with the joint efforts of everyone, the Coalbed Methane Project will achieve even better results.”

Daqing Haiba Coalbed Methane Project is an upstream and downstream integrated risk cooperation project between Daqing Oilfield and Zhejiang Oilfield Company. This project aims to promote the development and construction of shallow shale gas in the Daqing Haiba Coalbed Methane Block by contracting blocks, investments, and output.

(Text and photo/Zhang Jiantao

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