Company Committment and QHSE Objectives

HSE Policies

  • People Oriented
  • Safety first
  • Risk prevented

HSE Strategic Objectives

  • Targeting zero harm to personnel, zero damage to the environment, and zero loss to property; Creating a leading international services company in HSE management

HSE Commitment

To achieve the Company’s HSE Strategic Objectives, ZPEC commits to:

  • We commit that health, safety and environment (“HSE”) are always our first priority in all our operations, regardless where we operate, who we work for, and what operations we engage in.

ZPEC will provide and maintain a safe and healthy work environment for all our employees and other involved personnel. Effective implementation and continuous improvement of HSE performance require everybodys participation, responsibility and commitment. As the Chairman of the Board, I am the top leader who is responsible for the HSE policy and committing my involvement in the HSE management in ZPEC. All managers and supervisors must strive to achieve the HSE objectives and encourage/promote a positive HSE culture in each operating facility. All employees must take their own responsibility and have a positive attitude to comply with the Companys HSE requirements, regulations and procedures, to report hazards and incidents, to conduct operations in a safe manner, and to care about each colleague and the operational environment.

By Li Chundi,

Chairman of the Board

QHSE target
  1. Zero industrial death accidents
  2. Zero major environmental pollution incidents
  3. More than 90% customer satisfaction
  1. Safety First, Prevention Prioritised, Management Comprehensive
  2. People First, Care For Health, Cherish Life
  3. Protect the Environment, Save Energy and Improve Efficiency, Promote Green Development
  4. Credibility First, Equipment Intact, Quality Assurance
Quality Management

According to GB / T19001-2015 / ISO9001:2015 Quality Management System Requirements and API related requirements, the company has established a documented quality management system, to be implemented, maintained and continuously improved. According to the operating environment and work needs of different sub-companies, the corresponding implementation plans are formulated to ensure the steady development of the company, while improving the effectiveness and operation efficiency. To ensure the steady operation of oil and gas exploration and development, engineering and technical services and equipment manufacturing.

Life Saving Rules
  1. No qualified trainings, no on-duty work
  2. No qualification of installation, no installation work; No qualification of electrician, no electric work
  3. Correctly wearing a full body harness is a must for working at height
  4. No required permits, no hot works and no other non-routine works
  5. No required permits, no works for working in confined spaces
  6. Correctly wearing chemical personal protective equipment is a must for handling of chemicals
  7. No alcohol during working hours
  8. No smoking outside the designated smoking area
  9. No riding on and no standing below the lifting loads
  10. No answering or making phone calls while driving
  11. Fastening seat belts is a must for all passengers while they are in the vehicles
  12. No speeding while driving a vehicle
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