Talent Concept

Our ZPEC is focusing on the "Four in One" strategic layout and closely actioning around the goal of "Three to Five Years Become Leading Enterprise". Furthermore, we are building scientific, reasonable, efficient human resources management system and deploying the four major strategy of "Selection, Education, Engagement and Keeping" (or “SEEK”). We are aiming to achieve our ZPEC’s sustainable high-quality development and provide the talent support on reasonable structure, adequate quantities, outstanding qualities by strengthening three team-buildings involved in "Business Management, Professional Technology and Skill Operations".

  1. Talent Selection Strategy

    To formulate a systematic and efficient introduction mechanism with strengthening the external introduction and internal promotion.
    ● School-Enterprise Cooperating
    ● Quality Controlling
    ● Culture Leading
    ● Culture Leadership

  2. Talent Nurturing Strategy

    To implement the systematic development and establish an accurate and long-term training mechanism
    ● Differential Talent Policy Implementing
    ● Staged Talent Nurturing
    ● Resources Optimizing
    ● Optimized Resources

  3. Talent Using Strategy

    To optimize the allocation of using and improve the scientific and effective growth mechanism
    ● Unobstructed Channels
    ● Expanding Platforms
    ● Promoting Movements
    ● Promotes Talent Flowing

  4. Talent Keeping Strategy

    To outstand the assessment and evaluation and perfect the practical and effective incentive mechanism
    ● Attractive Remunerations
    ● Encouraging Careers
    ● Enterprise Sense of Belonging
    ● Personalized Emotion


Talents are the first resources, which are the most important resources and the main driving force of scientific and technological progress and social and economic development. At present, the competition between enterprises in the world is actually aiming to compete for strategic resources that is mainly manifested as the competition for human resources.

  1. Employee Benefits

    Vacation Leaves: Overseas employees are eligible to take paid rotation leaves to return to China after having worked abroad for a period of time in accordance with relevant requirements.

    Incentive Bonus: The company has formulated a rigorous performance appraisal program for identifying the employee’s incentive bonus on a basis of performance in their work unit.

    Share Incentive Plan: The company allocates shares for outstanding talents, which can make them become the shareholders of the company from the employees.

    Accommodation Assurance: The company subscribed for 236 public rental apartments near the Lingang Base in Pudong, Shanghai, which solved the problems of both employees’ living and their children’s schooling and also provided convenient conditions for employees to settle down in Shanghai. The staff who are working on production frontline are equipped with standard dormitories and modern living facilities. Their catering services are being provided by professional accommodation service companies and chefs.

    Team Buildings: The company organizes team buildings, annual celebration meetings and other employee welfare activities every year.

    Talent Recommendation Rewards: The employees who have successfully recommended talents to Zhongman Group will be awarded a prize in a range of RMB1,000 to 5,000 Yuan based on the category of talents.

  2. Staff Trainings

    The company puts the emphasis on the reserves and nurturance of talents, which has a perfect employee career development coaching and promotion channel. In recent years, with the listing of the company and continuously expanding of enterprise scale, more and more outstanding talents have joined our Zhongman Group. They have quickly integrated into the leadership at all levels and been becoming the backbone of the enterprise.
    With having the dream of "win-win" mode between employees and enterprises and promoting the ability development of employees, the Zhongman Group adheres to the "sincere and excellent" concept of employee ability development and strives to integrate the company's development strategy with employee career developments by building an effective, inclusive and open platform. This is benefiting every employee through a diversity.


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