1. ZPEC overseas

    ZPECs businesses are covering the Middle East, Central Asia, North Africa, Russia and other places. As a responsible and ambitious enterprise, ZPEC has developed along the "Belt and Road" rapidly for purpose of creating values for customers. In parallel, ZPEC has also actively fulfilled social responsibilities by participating poverty alleviation, educational support, aged care, disaster relief and other public welfare activities to return to the societies in local countries.


    In Iraq and other places in the Middle East, ZPEC is actively participating the local public welfare activities in order to establish an civilization and friendship image of Chinese companies’. Iraq is a Muslim country. Millions of Muslim people make a pilgrimage to Mecca, Jerusalem and other holy places every November. which they usually travel very hard along the way to holy places (hereinafter as “Muslim Pilgrimage Journey” or “MPS”). As these people don’t carry enough food, food has become a big problem for them on the Muslim Pilgrimage Journey. During every MPS season, ZPEC has cooperated with relevant local governmental departments to set up service venues on key sections outside the oil area by providing free food, drink and rest places to these Muslim people in order to facilitate local Muslim people to eat and rest while they passed through the ZPECs operation area. These activities to contribute to the local societies have been highly praised by all parties in Iraq.

  2. ZPEC in China

    Since the commencement of reform of the national oil and gas system, ZPEC, through the listing method, has become the first private enterprise to be awarded the exploration rights of oil and natural gas resources and exploitation & production rights of oil and gas acreage blocks in China nationwide by the Ministry of Natural Resources of China. As such, ZPEC is paying more attention to improvement of its social image and corporate value. ZPEC is not only concentrating on its own corporate development but also actively fulfilling social responsibilities and boosting local economic development to devote itself to rewarding the society for purpose of seeking the best combination between corporate development and social development through its efforts.


    “Our oil workers and local villagers are becoming one family through our sincere loves to assist them”. As a beneficiary party of the reform of national oil and gas system, ZPEC has been actively practising its social responsibilities and duties. ZPEC has carried out a serial of charity and public welfare activities such as building bridges and paving roads, poverty alleviation and aged care, and caring for the younger generation etc. in Wensu, which can help the local people solve their problems within ZPEC’s capacity. Meanwhile, with gradually upgrading on oil & gas exploration and development, ZPEC has continuously strengthened the Local Employment Model (hereinafter as “LEM”).  The LEM has generated important contributions to improving the local employments, stimulating the local economic vitality, and promoting the local economic development.

  3. A Harmony ZPEC

    The destination of an enterprise is to create its social value that makes more people benefited from the development of the enterprise. The ZPEC’s corporate culture of "People-oriented and caring for employees" means that ZPEC is devoting itself to caring for employees, and creating a better working and living environment for employees, and letting employees feel that ZPEC is their home to be relied on. Since ZPEC was established, ZPEC has highly concerning the physical and mental health of the employees. The achievements of corporate development have benefited all employees by helping them raise wages, and improve abilities, and promote happiness index, and also providing a broad development platform to them.

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