ZPEC Employees Rescue Driver from Car Fire


On May 14th, a thrilling scene occurred on the S2 Expressway when a private car hit a roadside protective wall and caught fire. At the critical moment, employees of ZPEC Equipment Company, who were passing by after getting off work, stepped forward and worked together to save the car owner's life, ensuring the safety of passing vehicles and citizens. Their decisive and brave behavior was unanimously praised by the people on the scene and reported by Shanghai TV and other media.

In that afternoon, when the company's shuttle bus arrived 500 meters north of the Kangqiao toll station, Li Heping, who was sitting in the front row, saw a white car parked on the roadside with thick smoke coming out of the front hood and no one around the vehicle. It made him feel that the driver and passengers were still in the car. After the emergency stop, he and his colleagues Zhao Feng, Xiong Chuanyin, Yu Yaofeng, Zhu Qingwu, and other colleagues rushed to the vehicle with fire extinguishers to carry out the daring fire-fighting rescue. After the electric car was involved in an accident, the door could not be opened. Li Heping immediately returned to the bus and used a fire hammer to smash the glass. Everyone worked together to pull the car owner out of the car window. The smoke in the car was very thick and the car owner finally breathed fresh air. At this time, the vehicle-mounted fire extinguisher could no longer prevent the fire from spreading. Two minutes later, the fire engulfed the entire car. While everyone was extremely anxious, the 119 Fire Truck arrived on the scene and put out the fire, completely controlling the situation.

Seeing that the fire was extinguished, Li Heping and other colleagues finally felt relieved. They carefully asked the car owner about his injuries and sent the car owner to the ambulance. Li Heping, Zhao Feng, and other colleagues received sincere thanks from private car owners and continuous praise from the citizens at the scene for their warm gestures of helping when encountering the  danger on the road. "Thank you so much. Without you kindhearted people, I can't imagine what the consequences would have been." The owner of the private car was moved to tears. In this regard, Li Heping and his colleagues said that this is what everyone should do. Li Heping said, When encountering such an emergency, you will definitely be at a loss. The scene of everyone working together to rescue also moved me deeply. I believe that everyone who sees it would lend a helping hand if possible.

Li Heping said that, in daily work, the company organizes fire drills regularly to guide employees to correctly master the use of fire equipment and comprehensively improve their ability to respond. In the future, he will continue to improve his comprehensive quality, be calm when encountering difficulties, and show the good spirit of ZPEC's "Iron-blooded Journey".

(ZPEC Equipment Group/ Qi Haijun)

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