Deng Mingjiang, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, and His Delegation Visit ZPEC (Aksu) Oil and Gas Company in Xinjiang Province


On May 14, 2024, Deng Mingjiang, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and his delegation visited ZPEC (Aksu) Oil and Gas Company for investigation. He gave positive comments on ZPEC’s achievements in participating in the National Oil and Gas System Reform, efficiently promoting oil and gas exploration and production, and promoting local economic and social development. He also gave opinions and suggestions on adhering to green development and focusing on collaborative innovation.

Wang Jun, a Member of the Standing Committee of the Wensu County Party Committee and the Director of the Organization Department, and Li Xuesong, the Vice President of ZPEC Group and General Manager of ZPEC (Aksu) Oil and Gas Company, accompanied the investigation.

At the ZPEC Wenbei CPF Station, Li Xuesong introduced in detail the basic situation of ZPEC Group and ZPEC (Aksu) Oil and Gas Company, the exploration progress and development status of the Wensu Block, future development ideas and directions, etc. Deng Mingjiang and his party had in-depth exchanges with on-site personnel on the Wensu Bulge Oil Reservoir, oil and gas distribution, exploration and deployment, etc. They then visited and learned about the facilities and equipment of the CPF Station and had a close look at the main processes such as oil, gas, and water treatment.     

Deng Mingjiang spoke highly of ZPEC’s achievements in oil and gas exploration and production in Aksu, Xinjiang Province, and suggested that ZPEC make full use of its own advantages, strengthen industry exchanges and communication, explore new areas and new mechanisms for cooperation in groundwater resources and coal mining, do a good job in water resources science management and control, optimize and upgrade technology, further improve water resource utilization, and promote the sustainable development of oil fields. He said that the Chinese Academy of Engineering will also further deepen the cooperation between the academy and enterprises, jointly explore the problems and challenges faced in transformation and development, and better play the role of academic leadership and intellectual support.

Li Xuesong expressed his gratitude to the Research Team and his delegation for their valuable opinions and suggestions, which have expanded ideas for the sustainable development of the company. ZPEC would continue to increase oil and gas exploration and production, increase reserves and production, promote friendly exchanges and pragmatic cooperation, promote the coordinated development of the energy industry and water resources, and contribute to ensuring national energy security and ecological civilization construction through water-saving control, efficient utilization, and other measures.

( ZPEC (Aksu) Oil and Gas/ Text by Chen Lulu,Photo by Shang Zhigang)

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