Project Introduction

Tenge Oil and Gas Field is located in the second largest oil and gas-rich belt of the Republic of Kazakhstan, adjacent to the giant Uzen Field, with superior geological conditions. The development of Tenge Oil and Gas Field is divided into two phases. From 1970 to 2000, the focus was on natural gas development, mainly in the upper Middle Jurassic strata XIII-XVII, with a significant production scale, making it the second-largest gas field at the time. From 2000 onwards, the lower Middle Jurassic strata XVIII-XXIII began to be exploited for oil and gas, with a lower degree of extraction.

Between 2021 and 2022, ZPEC Group reprocessed the 3D seismic data of this oil and gas reservoir, re-evaluated the reservoir, and, reported to the government of Kazakhstan at the end of 2022, obtaining approval for C1+C2 crude oil geological reserves of 78.54 million tons and dissolved gas geological reserves of 8.65 billion cubic meters. In 2023, capacity building was implemented for the oilfield, and construction work for the CPF in the region was fully resumed.

Production Status

By the end of 2023, Tenge Oil and Gas Field had 50 oil production wells, 26 of which were operational, 6 were sealed and observed, and 6 were pending production. There were 47 gas wells, 3 of which were operational, 26 were sealed and observed, 18 were discarded, and 2 were used for wastewater reinjection. That year, 16 oil wells were put into production, including one horizontal well, with an average daily oil production capacity of over 20 tons, creating a new crude oil production capacity of 150,000 tons and producing 100,000 tons of crude oil.

Future Prospects

Tenge Oilfield’s structure is simple and reserves are reliable. By the end of 2023, the recovery rate of C1 crude oil reserves is less than 2%, which is in the early stage of development. In 2024, capacity construction will continue, and according to the three-year rolling plan, medium-sized oil and gas fields can be built, which will become an important cornerstone of Zhongman Group's upstream oil and gas business.

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