Zhongman Saudi Workover Project Conducts Safety and Professional Skills Training


To improve the safety awareness of employees and develop the skills of workover operations, on May 1st, the Zhongman Saudi Workover Project organized employees to conduct a two-week safety, well control, and operation skills training. A total of 31 Chinese and international employees took part in the training.


 In accordance with Aramco's safety standards, the training systematically explained the life-saving rules, emergency response, fall prevention, working-at-height operations, etc., and conducted on-site simulation drills were conducted for the disposal of various emergency situations such as well control, first aid, fire protection, etc. At the same time, based on Aramco's Workover Design, Zhongman systematically trained the entire workover process. The structure, installation, pressure test, and well-control procedures of the well-control equipment were demonstrated them one-by-one at the work site.


This training improved the understanding of the Saudi well workover project staff on safe operation and well control knowledge and helped everyone to develop good working practices. The participants said that the two-week training allowed everyone to have a more intuitive understanding of the entire operation process and improved the ability to deal with sudden well-control risks.


On September 30th, 2021, Zhongman signed a contract with Saudi Arabian Oil Company ("Saudi Aramco") for a workover project  worth US$49.8 million. Up to now, the workover equipment is being rectified and awaiting acceptance. Several types of workover operations will be conducted performed for the first time after acceptance.


(By Mr. Li Jie, the Saudi Branch)

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