The Drilling Company Carries Out a Spring Safety Inspection


Since April 20, the Drilling Company has carried out a comprehensive inspection of the Safety (including HSE, Well control, Equipment and Technical Management) in the spring in an orderly manner, starting from the Rig 42 of Boyuan project, and successively inspecting the drilling rigs and workover rigs of Wensu, Mahu and Yan'an projects, and through the inspection and evaluation of each project, the safety management (especially the well control management) capabilities have been further improved and the safe and stable operation of drilling production has been ensured.


The inspection team composed of company leaders, HSE, equipment, technology, logistics, etc. went deep into each production unit and construction site, and the inspection content involved HSE, well control, equipment management, technical management, drilling tool management and life management and so on.


At each place, the inspection team meticulously inspected the machine room, mud tank, drilling platform, team site, living area and other areas, scored the standardization of well sites, construction technical requirements, equipment maintenance records, safety drill records, etc., put forward rectification opinions on existing problems, and carefully inquired about the implementation of the management processes and cost control measures of various production tools and materials, and gave timely guidance.


Since the beginning of the year, the drilling company has firmly established the awareness of the red line of safe production, always regarded safe production as the high-pressure line of production, and strengthened safety management in an all-round and multi-dimensional manner by strengthening institutional guarantees, technical management, risk control and improving emergency disposal capabilities, and weaving a dense drilling safety production protection network.


(By Ms. Li Qin, Drilling Company).

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