The Equipment Group Holds a Special Training on "API Standards"


To improve the quality level of the company's products and enhance the cognitive understanding of technical personnel on product standards, from April 21st to 23rd, a three-day API quality specification online special training course was held at Zhongman Petroleum Equipment Group's Shanghai and Chengdu headquarters. More than 20 people from technology research and development, process, system management, inspection, and production-related personnel participated in the training.


The training was jointly sponsored by ZPEC's Quality Management Department and a well-known training institute in China. The training explained in detail the specifications and requirements of APIQ1 and ISO 9001-2015 quality management systems according to the API audit requirements. Additionally, through practical case analysis, the trainees were able to digest and absorb what they learned.


Through this training and learning, the participants further deepened their understanding of the drilling rig product specifications. This was of great help to improve the company's product technology research and development, manufacturing and inspection level, while also playing a positive role in promoting the next step of API renewal review.


API is the abbreviation of the American Petroleum Institute. The API petroleum machinery and equipment certification is the equivalent to attaching a reliable quality label, also obtaining a "green card" sold at home and abroad. For many years, ZPEC'S equipment sets have been API standard authorization certified in accordance with the standard of petroleum equipment exported to many countries.

(By Ms. Chen Chunyan, Kunlun Company)

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