Wensu Block 2nd Phase 3D Seismic Survey Completes Successfully


On March 23rd,the 440 square kilometers 3D seismic field acquisition field work in Phase II of Wenshu Block was successfully completed.  Summarizing, researching, and analyzing of the comprehensive data will be done later. With the development of a series of high-precision processing and interpretation work, it will provide a strong guarantee for the next step of the Wensu Block to increase oil reservoir and production.


It is understood that from April 2018 to February 2019, Zhongman Group organized the 3D seismic collection and processing work of the first phase of Wensu Block, clarified the "Two belts and one uplift" structural pattern based on data analysis, and found that a total of 105 square kilometers of favorable reserving areas were found. As of March 2022, Zhongman has deployed and completed 197 drilling and evaluation wells in the Wensu Block, with a drilling success rate of 97.5% and proven petroleum geological reserves of 30.11 million tons, ZPEC has made important discoveries in key areas such as the Hong 11 Block and the Hongqipo Oilfield.


According to the exploration plan, the company will also choose the opportunity to carry out the third phase of 269.26 square kilometers of 3D seismic collection and processing work. In the future, the Zhongman Wensu Block will further improve the annual oil production capacity  and is eventually expected to build a large-scale, medium-sized oilfield.

(By Mr. Hao Donglei,  Mr. Shang Zhigang)

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