The ENI Project Rig 28 in Zhongman Iraq Breaks Two Records for Inter-well Relocation


At midnight on March 17th, Iraq time, the Zhongman Rig 28 completed the relocation, installation, drilling, and acceptance of the well from ZB510 to ZB511 in the Zubair Oil Field. With a good result of 5.5 days, two records of the fastest well relocation of the Zhongman Iraq Branch and the fastest well relocation in the Zubair oil area were established. The safe and efficient work performance was highly praised by Schlumberger (Party A) and ENI Company (the operator).


The entire relocation work began at noon on March 11th, from well ZB510 to well ZB511 with a distance of 75.6 kilometers. In the face of a long relocation distance, epidemic prevention, control pressures, and other difficulties, Rig 28, in accordance with the relocation plan, worked the tasks allocated to each post, so that the entire relocation work was safe and efficient. On March 17th at midnight, all relocation and installation work was successfully completed and passed the acceptance of Schlumberger and ENI to spud in. The drilling of the third well in Zubair oil area was officially launched.


Zhong Kun, Rig Manager of Rig 28, said that, in the future, it would continue to carry forward the excellent style of Zhongman's "Iron-blood Army" and take "refined management to reduce costs, continue to speed up, and increase efficiency" as the core goal under the premise of ensuring safety, conscientiously performing the responsibilities of each post, and striving to write a new chapter for Zhongman International Drilling. 


(Text by:  Mr. Huang Shixing, Iraq Branch;  Photo by: Mr. Hao Donglei)

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