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ZPEC Vice Chairman Zhu Fengxue and His Team Visit Tongwei Group

On September 1, 2021, Mr. Zhu Fengxue, Vice Chairman of ZPEC, Mr. Zhang Zhongwei, Vice President of ZPEC, and Mr. Chen Keli, Executive Deputy General Manager of ZPEC Equipment Group, visited the Tongwei Group headquarters in Chengdu for investigation and research. The two parties reached a consensus on strengthening industrial docking and carrying out cooperation in related fields. 

At 14:00, Mr. Zhu and his partyaccompanied by Mr. Yan Hu Vice, Chairman of Tongwei Co., Ltd., Mr. He Yihong, Assistant General Manager of Tongwei New Energy Co., Ltd. Headquarters, and Mr. Deng Weiping, General Manager of Tongwei New Energy (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.visited the exhibition halls on the 4th and 30th floors of Tongwei International Center.  They learned in detail about Tongwei’s commitmentto the development of the dual main industries of agriculture and new energy, and communicated their points of cooperation.

Later, the two parties held a discussion and exchange in the meeting room.  Vice Chairman Yan Hu said that Tongwei Group had established an industrial chain in the fields of agriculture and new energy, which provides unique advantages. He is very optimistic about the future deep-level cooperation with ZPEC.  ZPEC Vice Chairman Zhu Fengxue said that ZPEC had achieved rapid development during its transformation in recent years and had become the first domestic private enterprise to obtain exploration rights and approved reserves of oil and gas blocks. He hoped to join forces with Tongwei Group to achieve complementary advantages and win-win cooperation.

Tongwei Group is a large-scale international group company with agriculture and new energy as its dual main businesses and has rapid development in chemical and other industries. It has nearly 300 branches and subsidiaries across the country and overseas. It is a Fortune 500 company in China and world Top 500 in new energy companies.

 (ZPEC Headquarters Mr. Hao Donglei)


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