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ZPEC ENI Project Sets Fastest Moving Record in the Iraq Zubair Oilfield

On September 3, 2021, ZPEC ENI Project Rig 27 received another Letter of Commendation  from Party A, Halliburton.  Mr. Rana, the Halliburton Project Manager of the ENI Project, highly affirmed the outstanding performance of all the cadres and soldiers of ZPEC Rig 27 during the rig relocation from ZB-417 Well to ZB-505 Well. It only took 6.9 days to move the rig 40 kilometers to the the new well site, maintaining a 6.2m height limitation, while spudding successfully. This set the Fastest Moving Record in the Iraq Zubair Oilfield.

Currently, its the hottest season in Iraq with the average daily maximum temperature above 50 degrees. In addition, the moving distance was a long 40 kilometers with many civilian high-voltage wires along the way, which addemany difficulties to the relocation work. In order to complete the task safely, smoothlyand efficiently, the cadres and employees of ZPEC Rig 27 brainstormed, took all possible difficulties into account in advance, and formulated corresponding solutions in a targeted manner. Among them, the HSE Officer of Rig 27 developed the hoisting plan for each piece of equipment and approved by Party A, which effectively solved the challenges caused by height restrictions and long distances, and ultimately ensured the efficient connection of the relocation work.

Due to the long distance of relocation and the long driving time of transport vehicles, in order to ensure that there was nothing wrong with the move, ZPEC Rig 27 had many discussions with the logistics company before the relocation.  They coordinated and resolved the configuration of the vehicles and urged their security personnel to be on standby at all times, in order to solve the problems in the shortest possible time that may occur. During the rig move, everyone made reasonable planfor disassembling, loading, unloadingand installation of the key equipment according to the relocation progress, so that the loading team would not wait for the trucks and the unloading team would not hold the trucks.

Since the project work resumed at the beginning of this year, ZPEC Rig 27 has received three consecutive Letter of Commendation from Party A. ZPEC has raised the banner of "Iron Spirit" with their good performance in the Zubair Oilfield, laying a solid foundation for further cooperation in the future.


(ENI Project Mr. Wang Qiang)


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