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ZPEC BOC Project Rig 18 Hoist Completion Services Project for Majnoon Spuds Successfully


At 10:00am on September 5th, Iraq local time, ZPEC BOC Project Rig 18 received the formal instruction letter from Party A to spud in the Majnoon Oilfield. Although facing the epidemic, high temperatures, strict management, and other difficulties, all soldiers of the team raced against time to overcome those difficulties and spud quickly and successfully.  Its efficient start-up work was highly recognized by Party A.

At the beginning of the project, the epidemic situation in Iraq became more and more serious.  ZPEC Rig 18 strictly abided by the oil area epidemic prevention regulations and formulated emergency plans to ensure that those affected people could be isolated and handled as soon as possible in the event of any accidents. The start-up period coincided with the intense heat in Iraq as the daily maximum temperature exceedemore than 50 degrees.  The Project Department took measures to prevent heatstroke and actively reduce temperature to ensure the health of the employees. With the strong support of the project leaders and related departments, this international experienced drilling team faced their difficulties.  Instead of falling back, they pressed forward, fully demonstrating the ZPEC Iron Spirit” of Call then come, come then fight, fight must win.  

The Majnoon Oilfield implements the Shell Standard.  According to the requirements of Party A, all of the main equipment of ZPEC’s Rig 18 needed to be dismantled, tested, inspected, assembled, and obtain CAT 4 Five-year Certificate. During the drilling rig inspection period, the well team also needeto provide the original manufacturers Authorization Letter and Inspector Qualification Certificate for all types of equipment.  Over many difficulties, with the coordination and cooperation of ZPEC Headquarters Project Management Center and the Procurement and Logistics Department, Rig 18 quickly passed Party A's equipment audit and drilling acceptance. Project Manager Jiang Xinmin said, "Although the turnkey project is quite complicated and has a lot of work, we are confident to complete the task and submit a satisfactory answer to the company."

ZPEC Rig 18 has been carrying out completion and workover operations in the Majnoon Oilfield for many years.  Their professionalism, work performance, and team execution have been commended by Party A, Shellmany times.  

(Iraqi Company Mr. Zhai Jianwei)


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