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Petronas Highly Commends ZPEC Well Testing and Stimulation Team


Recently, ZPEC Well Testing and Stimulation Team received a Certificate of Recommendation from Petronas, praising their safety, high efficiency, faithful serviceand contributions under Petronas Contract PCIHBV/2017/DRL/1682 for 6 wellswell rigless testingand stimulation work.

Before the Chinese New Year, ZPEC O&G Engineering Service Company receivethe work resumption letter from Petronas which required ZPEC to resume the rigless well testing and stimulation work ASAP. Although it was a huge challenge to personnel organization and equipment remobilization during the pandemic time, with big support from ZPEC Headquarters and ZPEC Iraqi Companyas well as the Project Team, the Well Testing and Stimulation Team overcame the difficulties. The mobilization of people and equipment safely and successfully in a very short time, allowed the resumption of well testing and stimulation work to begin on February 12th, the same day of the Chinese New Year.  

After fighting for more than two months, wells GA-K98PGA-K100P, etc., a total 6 wellsrigless well testing, acidizingand stimulation work was done safely. Among those 6 wells, GA-K100P Well was the most complicated with a maximum well decline reaching 69.67 degrees.

(Mr. Wei Zhou, Mr. Yong Li)  


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