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ZPEC Aksu Oil & Gas Company Help Agricultural Production in Wensu Oilfield

On the morning of April 30, 2021, ZPEC Aksu Oil & Gas Company donated a batch of water-soluble and efficient compound fertilizer, worth more than 20,000RMB to help the locals with their agricultural production. At the same time, ZPEC assisted them overcompoverty by building a bridge for villagers of Tovank Subrak in Wenshu County, Aksu, Xinjiang Province.

"Sincerely thanks yo ZPEC Aksu Oil & Gas Company for giving us fertilizernow walnuts and greenhouse vegetables are the very time to fertilize. This generosity will improve the field management level so that family income can rise higher and higher" said one of the villagers named Na Fuhan Campbell.

(Mr. Xiaozhou Deng)


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