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Bridge Built by ZPEC for Villagers Opens to Traffic

“In the past, there were only a few dead trees on the river connected to the village. That was the only way for children go to school and villagers to go out. People were so scared to pass across the dead tress because they could accidently fall into the 6 or 7 meter deep river ditch. Now that the bridge is built, villagers can safely go across the bridge, and even more, the agricultrual machinery and transport is convenient to enter and exit. It’s really thanks to ZPEC Aksu Oil & Gas Company!” said 79 year-old villager, Imel Wusman, to reporters on April 24, 2021, when the "Bridge of National Unity" was opened to traffic on a small river outside the village of Tovank Subrak in Wenshu County, Aksu, Xinjiang Province.  

That evening at 6:00 pm, the representives of ZPEC Oil & Gas Company, the Wenshu County Village Working Group, and local villagers held a brief opening and ribbon-cutting ceremony on the newly built bridge. Although there were no red carpets, podium, and microphones, the atmosphere was very warm. The villagers sent a banner with the words "Do practical things to warm the hearts of the people, think about the people's livelihood, and solve the people's worries", expressing their joy and gratitude.

(Mr. Donglei Hao)


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