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ZPEC’s Aksu Hong26 Well Yields High Industrial Oil Flow

Recently, ZPEC’s exploration in the Wenbei Oilfield has once again produced good news. The Hong26 Well has a high-yield industrial oil flow with a daily output of 30 tons. This is another important achievement discovered by the company in the 3D seismic zone.


Well Hong26 is located in the Eastern Section of the F1 Fault Zone in the Wenbei Oilfield. It will further expand the exploration results of the Wensu Block, confirm the distribution and reserve scale of the Eastern Section of the Wen17 Block, and is an exploration well for rapid production deployment in the later stage. The well was completed at a depth of 2,062 meters and additional oil and gas were found in the formation. Through oil testing to find production, a high-yield industrial oil stream with a daily output of 30 tons of oil was quickly obtained. The successful drilling of this well opened the prelude to oil and gas exploration in the Northeastern part of the Wenbei Oilfield. At present, many exploratory wells, such as the Hong50, have been drilled in this area, and all have good oil and gas displays.


In September 2020, the proven geological reserves of 30.11 million tons of crude oil in Wenbei Oilfield Wen7 Block of the Aksu Zhongman Oil & Gas Company were approved. The successful drilling of Hong26 Well has further expanded the oil-bearing area of the F1 Fault Zone in the Wenbei Oilfield and increased the oil-bearing strata. It will become a favorable area for the rolling expansion of the F1 Fault Zone Oil Reservoir and the construction of new wells in the Wensu Block in the future. The increase in reserves and capacity of ZPEC, in both the Wenbei Oilfield and the local economic development, provide reliable reserves guarantees.



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