Cementing Services


  • Being equipped with 70+ sets of pumping units and associated equipment, ZPEC has established 10 cementing fleets with annual operation capacity of 200+ cementing jobs. To date, more than 1,000 cementing jobs have been smoothly performed, among which overt 96% is excellent performance rated with good bonding quality.

  • ZPEC cementing team can provide service of cementing design, consultancy, research and operation according to geological conditions of individual well thus to lowering the total coast and increase the life-length of each well.

  • ZPEC has featured technical solutions, including but not limited to, deep well, long interval, complex formation pressure, low pressure & thief zone, gypsum well, horizontal well, high content H2S well, and deep & slim hole well cementing, etc.

Cementing Laboratory

  • The well- equipped cementing lab in ZPEC headquarter can provide complete technical support for clients worldwide.
  • 6 sets of portable lab are in services overseas, among which, 4 sets in Iraq, 2 sets in Russia.

Gazprom Cementing Project, Iraq

Client: Gazprom

Service Term: May 12, 2014 to May 25, 2018

Location: North Central of Iran & Iraq

Finished well No.: 19 wells

Achievements: Dealing with complex geological conditions, unconsolidated formation, complicated reservoir pressure and huge gypsum layer, ZPEC has successfully performed oversized hole & HP well, severe thief zone well, huge gypsum & highly salted well, narrow pressure window well, slim hole liner cementing, etc. and won he praise of Party As.

East Baghdad Cementing Project, Iraq

Client: MdOC

Service Term: Dec., 30, 2017 to Nov., 21, 2018

Workload: 3 Wells

Achievements: Long open hole deviated well with 55°of max. Inclination. 3 wells have been provided cementing jobs, among which 100% of qualified bonding achieved, which was highly recommended by client.

Block 8 Cementing Project

Client: PPL

Started from: Apr., 14, 2019

Finished well No.:  1well

Achievements: To date, 30 in conductor cementing job has been smoothly performed.

Petronas Cementing Project, Iraq

Client: Petronas

Started from: Feb., 25, 2019

Workload: 2 wells

Achievements: To date, 2 cementing jobs have been successfully performed.

BP Cementing Project, Iraq

Client: British Petroleum

Started from: Oct., 25, 2018

Workload: 4 wells

Achievements: 4 wells cementing jobs have been performed.

Bashneft Cementing Project, Russia

Client: Bashneft

Service Term: Dec., 2017 to Dec., 2018

Workload: 19 wells

Achievements: 19 natural gas wells cementing jobs have been performed, including 16 deviated wells & 3 vertical wells, among which 75% of excellent bonding achieved.

Novatek Cementing Project, Russia

Client: Novatek

Started from: Nov., 2018

Workload: 5 wells

Achievements: 5 wells cementing jobs have been performed, among which 95% & 60% qualified & excellent bonding achieved, which is far above other cementing contractors.

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