Mud Logging Services

·ZPEC Mud logging department has 35 well-equipped mud logging teams, including 10 sets of comprehensive mud logging units and 10 sets of gas logging instruments, 15 sets of geological parameter instruments and annual logging capacity of more than 400 wells.
·ZPEC Mud logging department can undertake the mud logging construction tasks of conventional logging, comprehensive logging, physicochemical logging, gas logging, hydrology logging, coal-bed gas logging, shale gas logging, and geothermal logging, having logging experience in Marine, continental, high temperature, high pressure, high H2S complex formations, ultra-deep wells, high-inclination directional Wells, large-displacement horizontal Wells, multi-branch horizontal Wells and other complex drilling techniques. 
·In the geological engineering technology aspect , with the increasing number of horizontal, multi-branch horizontal and complex technology wells, through studying the local micro structure, distribution and variation of reservoir in horizontal well area, controlling the trajectory of the horizontal well, combining with LWD and MWD measurements data and remote real-time transmission, our team realizes mud logging geological guidance and remote monitoring, thus improving oil drilling chance rate and reduces drilling risks.
Iraq Block12 Project Mud Logging
Party A: Bashneft Oil Company of Russia 
Construction period: December 2016 to March 2018 
Equipment: 1 set CMS comprehensive logging unit
Completed well: 1 well
Mud logging performance:          
·The exploration well Salman-1 is designed with five layers of casing and is expected to have multiple pressure systems. The abnormal high-pressure formation can reach up to 2.20g/cm3, and there is a high risk of hydrogen sulfide. The reference data of this well has the characteristics of long distance from neighboring Wells, old drilling age and few references, so the stratigraphic correlation and division are very difficult. In view of this situation, a set of effective stratigraphic correlation method is established by summarizing and analyzing the existing data and combining with the regional geology research, which avoids the drilling risk and improves the drilling efficiency. 
·Accurately caught each formation tops, casing depth and final TD, the formation accuracy rate was 100%, the oil, gas and water layer coincidence rate was 100%. The lithology profile coincidence rate was 98%. DST test showed that high yield oil flow was obtained in multiple layers. 
·During the operation, the maintenance of mud logging equipment is timely in place, and the NPT (non-production time) is zero due to mud logging equipment failure. 
·The total coring footage was 241.10m and the total coring length was 238.97m, the harvest rate reached 99.12%.  
·The determination of the 12.25-inch section completion depth is very critical. The formation pressure prediction model before drilling shows that the completion depth must be as close as possible to the top of the high-pressure salt-paste layer, but it’s not allowed to penetrate the high-pressure layer. After in-depth research and comparison, the 12.25-inch well section was accurately drilled to a depth of 1.0m from the top of predicted high-pressure layer. At the same time, through the study and analysis of the sedimentary environment in which the well was located, it was accurately predicted that the lower layer was not the high-pressure brine layer, which was verified in the subsequent drilling construction. 
·Excellent completion geology report was submitted.

ZPEC Geologist performs stratigraphic correlation

Iraq East Baghdad Project Mud Logging
Party A: Iraq Midland Oil Company
Construction period: September 2017 to January 2, 2019
Equipment: 1 set CMS comprehensive logging unit
Completed well: 3 wells
Mud logging performance: 
·Completed the installation and debugging of mud logging equipment one week ahead of drilling. Before starting the project, relevant personnel were arranged to conduct field inspection, check IDC's equipment, find out the places that need to be corrected for installing sensors and the materials that need to be prepared in time, and design the route direction in advance, thus effectively completing the pre-drilling preparation work.     
·Assist IDC well team engineers to complete the measurement of drilling tools, strengthened the concept of drilling tools management, and accurately tracked drilling depth.  
·We successfully completed the drilling of development Wells Eb-99, Eb-100 and Eb-101. It is the first time to use comprehensive logging in this block. During the drilling process, we provided high-quality engineering parameter monitoring images to party A. Using existing geological data and working with party A's geologist, the cuttings were accurately described. All geological strata, gas and water layers were caught, and a complete and accurate geological logging profile was established, which was appreciated by party A-Md.O.C.

Party a-Md.O.C geological personnel came to the wellsite for exchanging mudlogging work

Iraq Gazprom Project Mud Logging
Party A: Gazprom 
Construction period: May 2014 to February 2018
Equipment: 4 sets CMS comprehensive logging unit
Completed wells: 20 wells
Mud logging performance:
·In April 2014, ZPEC mud logging team won the trust of Gazprom and provided comprehensive logging services for four teams of Gazprom Badra project in Iraq relying on its good reputation and strong professional skills. So far, we have successfully completed logging services for a total of 20 Wells, including P01, P03,P04, P05, P07, P08, P09, P10, P12, P13, P14, P15, P19, BD2, P16, P18, P11, P02, P17, and P25.
·High pressure brine overflow and well loss were found timely and accurately many times during drilling and reported immediately.
·In December 2014, when drilled to depth of 3,704.4 meters in P04, a large loss occurred due to the heavy weight mud encountering the leaky formation, and many methods were adopted to make no difference. Through careful stratigraphic correlation with P05 well, the advice to back plug the bottom hole and set 9-5/8”casing here in advance was accepted by GPNB, by this way GPNB saved a lot of cost.
·In April 2015, before drilling 9” and 7” hole sections, through formation pressure gradient calculation by using offset wells FMT data, we found these two sections pressure gradients difference are not very big, it can be drilled as one section and can be sealed by 5-1/2” liner, this suggestion was adopted by GPNB, by this way GPNB saved a lot of time cost and we received praise from party a. 

ZPEC wellsite geologist was checking cuttings sample at well P12 with DSV of Gazprom Neft

Party A: Petronas 
Construction period: June 2014 to June 2016
Equipment: 2 sets CMS comprehensive logging unit
Completed well: 7 wells
Mud Logging performance:            
·During the drilling and construction of seven wells in Garraf oilfield (Ga-A13P, Ga-A14P, Ga-A15P, Ga-A16P, Ga-A17P, Ga-A18P, Ga-A19P), ZPEC mud logging team has won the praise of both Iraqi southern oil company and Petronas.  
·The drilling difficulties in the Garraf block occur in the TANUMA formation with a depth of about 2300.0m. The formation shale is well developed, the shaft wall collapse, prone to drilling stuck accident. In the construction of the whole project, the mud logging crew made the geological forecast in time and accurately predicted the stratigraphic layers, which made an important contribution to drilling through TANUMA formation smoothly.
·At the same time, the mud logging team accurately described the reservoir condition of the target MISHRIF, provided reliable data for the later operation.  
·Petronas of party a gave high recognition to the mud logging work during the operation. 

Evaluation by wellsite geologist of Petronas on the ZPEC Mudlogging team

Xinjiang Wensu Project-Mud logging
Party A: Aksu ZPEC Oil and Gas Exploration and Development co. LTD 
Construction period: January 2019 to February 2019
Equipment: 1 set SK-2000G comprehensive logging unit
Completed well: 1 well
Mud logging performance: 
·The exploration well Wen-1 is designed with 2 layers of casing, which is the first exploration well in this block. In this area, stratigraphic faults are developed, formation pressure is normal, and there are difficulties in stratigraphic correlation and stratigraphic division. Before drilling, the well-site geologist extensively collected geological data of adjacent Wells, drew log charts of adjacent Wells, and made a lot of preparations. During the drilling process, we strengthened the stratigraphic correlation while drilling, increased the density of cuttings sampling, accurately fixed the oil, gas and water display layer and completion layer, achieved the purpose of drilling.
·Accurately caught each formation tops , the final TD accurate rate is 100%, the oil, gas and water discovery rate is 100%, and the lithology profile coincidence rate was 85%. 
·During the operation, the maintenance of mud logging equipment is timely in place, and the non-production time is zero due to mud logging equipment failure. 
·The determination of the drilling depth of the 8.5 inch section is very critical. The design requires that the completion layer should drill through the buried hill surface for 40.00m, but there is no oil or gas display in Aksu group of buried hill. After in-depth research and comparison, the 8.5-inch section hole was accurately drilled to a depth of 82.00m deeper than the designed depth.
·Excellent completion geology report was submitted.
Iraq Block8 Project-Mud Logging
Party A: PPl Asia E&P B.V.
Construction period: April 2019 to Now
Equipment: 1 set CMS comprehensive logging unit

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