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ZPEC Drilling & Completion Fluids Service
ZPEC Drilling Fluids Company is a sub-branch company of Zhongman petroleum and natural gas group Co., Ltd. The business covers drilling fluids technical consultancy, on field mud services, new oilfield chemicals research, and oilfield chemicals manufacturing etc.  
As an international drilling fluids contractor with its considerable knowledge and many years’ experience in oil and gas industry, ZPEC Drilling Fluids Company makes great efforts to seek every opportunity to develop, expand the relevant service market. It has ever successfully provided quality mud services to guard drilling safety and project performance both in China and globally, covering Sichuan, Xinjiang, Changqing, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Kazakhstan, Russia,etc. ZPEC Drilling Fluids Company takes great challenges on including horizontal wells, ultra-deep wells, HTHP wells, complicated down-hole condition wells. ZPEC Drilling Fluids Company has achieved excellent performance and good reputation.
ZPEC Drilling Fluids Company has a batch of independent products in special technology and independent intellectual property rights which makes our brand. ZPEC Drilling Fluids Company has strong capacity on technology innovation and research, drilling fluids designing, on-site technical service and down-hole problems treatment. ZPEC Drilling Fluids Company can provide excellent technical services for clients from domestic and overseas. 

ZPEC Drilling & Completion Fluids Special Technology
ZPEC Drilling and Completion Fluids is aimed to be a world class oilfield service company to apply a holistic approach in understanding customer needs and coordinating delivery of customized solutions. Almost every product and service is designed with lower costs, which reduces risk or improves productivity during activities directly related to hydrocarbon extraction, thus advancing reservoir performance.
In the broadest perspective ZPEC Drilling and Completion Fluids Company adds extra value through: 
Maximizing efficiency with innovative drilling and completion fluids
ZPEC Drilling Fluids Service has always been (and remain) committed to providing the most effective, environmentally safe fluids solution. The drilling and completion fluid systems are designed as part of an overall well-plan, maximizing project efficiency and minimizing wellbore damage. With high performance water- and emulsion-based systems, ZPEC Drilling Fluids Service is able to offer customers the appropriate and most effective fluids, based on their particular drilling situation. 
Extending reservoir life with effective drill-in, remediation and completion fluids
We protect formations during drilling and completion, get more hydrocarbons out of your reservoir, and rescue seemingly hopeless damaged wells in the most challenging environments.
The result: You realize the full potential of each well—and of your entire reservoir.
Maintaining complete environmental compliance
Protecting the environment for future generations is paramount to the success of the oil and gas industry. We firmly believe that economic progress and industrial development should not compromise to environmental compliance. We are dedicated on research and development to create innovative cost-effective solutions to fulfill environmental responsibilities. Our products, equipment and services are designed to mitigate or eliminate the environmental impact of your oil and gas exploration and production.
The Technology Perspective 
ZPEC Drilling Fluids Company differs from its competitors by focusing on customized to resolve the problems of each client’s concerns, aim at both reducing cost and delivering additional value.
The differentiation and competitive edge with respect to the delivery of Drilling and Completion Fluids and associated services is also a function of the combined strengths, including:
•Extensive range of drilling and completion fluids. Top performing, cost effective reservoir technology and environmentally friendly fluid products / services targeted to optimize drilling performance, offer borehole stability and increase production rates while lowering overall drilling and completion costs.
•Highly qualified personnel knowledgeable in all the aspects of product development, application and performance management combined, with a focus on delivering the lowest possible Total Cost of Ownership and fit-for-purpose solutions to ensure that a competitive edge is maintained in the market place. 
•Continued research and development focused on the identification of low-cost base fluids and active components, including the development of concentrated products to reduce overall cost to the client where applicable.
•Focus on development and application of system specific solutions such as a combination product for use in challenging drilling and completion environments such as HTHP, Deepwater and deviated drilling.


There are more than 200 staffs in ZPEC Drilling Fluids Company who provide drilling fluid design, technical support, QAQC and field services. 
A research center as the technical foundation of ZPEC Drilling Fluids 
A mud laboratory in the HQ, over 100 sets of experiment instruments
A serious of ZPEC mud systems
A professional Drilling fluids service team from base to support all projects
A QAQC system ensures quality products used

ZPEC Drilling Fluids Systems
ZPEC-HBOD SYSTEMS             
ZPEC-STOE SYSTEMS              
ZPEC Drilling Fluids - Differentiating Technology
ZPEC-HP System -High Performance Water Base Drilling Fluids 
High performance water base mud narrow the gap between water base mud and oil base mud

Enhances Drilling of Laterals 
Excellent Lubricity
High Rates of Penetration
Minimizes Bit Ball & Accretion
Increases Weight to Bit
Effective at High Temperatures & Pressures
Stable in Harsh Environments
Improves Wellbore Stability
Controls Breakout & Sloughing
Inhibits Clay Swelling
Maintains Cuttings Integrity
Prevents Dispersion
Improves Solids Removal Efficiency
Seals Micro fractures, Preventing Fluid Invasion

ZM-MAGICSEAL- Sealing Micro-fracture     
·Dry product with 0.2 Microns  
·Optimum for wellbore strengthening & pressure transmitting when combined with ZM-CARB
·Easily dispersed into the shale micro-fractures
·Provides excellent osmotic management when combined with a brine phase by forming a semi-permeable membrane

Particle Size Distribution

Friction Factors: ZPEC –HP Fluid & OBM Comparison

(ZPEC HP Fluid ◆OBM)

ZPEC-DI Fluid   
ZPEC DI Fluid uses a bridging technique to positively control fluid leak-off into the formation. It also provides a filter cake that can be easily and effectively removed during production.
·Provides effective leak-off control with customized bridging particles
·Minimizes formation damage
·Simplifies cleanup process
·Operates effectively in a variety of coring applications and gravel-pack completions
·Maximizes hydrocarbon recovery

Bridge Particles destribution:5% and 1/3 Rule

ZPEC HPHT Drilling Fluids -Water Base & Oil Base
·ZPEC-HPHT System                      
Highest Temperature:230°C         
Highest Density:2.6SG          
·ZPEC-HBOD System                   
·ZPEC-STOE System                       
Highest Temperature :240°C           
Highest Concentration :2.4SG
ZPEC Deep Water Technology 
ZPEC-DKD (Dynamic Killing Density Mud) 
A riser-less drilling application Dual gradient procedure - seawater gradient above the seabed & weighted mud gradient below the seabed
Provides precise management of hydrostatic pressure with increasing depth
Closes the drilling performance gap between conventional WBM and emulsion systems (SBM) 
Balances high-performance drilling and environmental compliance
Flat rheology profile independent of temperature and pressure
•Non-progressive gel strengths 
•Low organophilic clay content 
•Lower ECD’s at equal or better drilling performance 
•Better hole cleaning and less barite sag
•Less induced mud losses 
•Compatible with wide variety of base fluids
•Environmentally acceptable in most areas where discharge is allowed (subject to local regulations for synthetics)
ZPEC Gas Hydrate Technology
•Solving the Hydrates Problem    
ZPEC Deepwater Completion Fluids 

ZPEC Drilling Fluids Data System 
This date system is a special designed engineer software for drilling fluids operation, it’s very convenient for mud engineer calculating Hydraulic parameters, ECD, hole cleaning, surge& swab pressure, mud modify formulation, etc. 

ZPEC Drilling Fluids Chemicals MSDS and TDS

Service History 
Domestic market 
ZPEC Drilling Fluids Company has ever provided excellent technical services for CNPC, Sinopec, SCP, Yanchang Oil Company, etc. WBM is used for more than 1600 directional and horizontal wells especially, in Shanbei Project, where the formation was soft, and easily mud-making, sticking pipe, lost circulation, CO2 contamination and caving in were frequently encountered since 1995 until now.
International market 
ZPEC Drilling Fluids Company has ever successfully provided mud services for more than 100 wells such as Sinopec Iran Branch, Gazprom,Petronas,Midland Oil Company Iraq,Bashneft,Rosnef Iraq project,Novatec Russian project,etc.
ZPEC Drilling Fluids Company has successfully used typically ZPEC-DI(drilling in fluids), ZPEC-HP( High performance drilling fluids), ZPEC-HBOD ( OBM) resolved HTHP, salt-gypsum ultra-high pressure formation, H2S, cave in. 
Excellent service and advanced technology have won good reputation for ZPEC.
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