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Overseas Construction Cases And Performance

(1)Gazprom Badra IPM Project

Construction period:May,2014-present
Rigs Mobilized:four 7,000 meter rigs
Wells Completed:8
Badra Block is recognized as one of the blocks of complicated problems,characterized by high technical difficulties(7 sections of casing).However,ZPEC successfully solved relevant problems and technical challenges:high-pressure and low-salt layer layers,the density of drilling fluids 2.35-2.40(not easy to adjust high density drilling fluid),high cementing difficulty,high formation leakage,and bit optimization difficulties.
The P8-Well was first drilled by another international leading oilfield service company.However,their drilling operations were abandoned due to the downhole complexities.ZPEC was brought in on November 7,2014 and used its own team to solve the technical problems(high density of drilling fluids,constrction in small borehole).This well was finally completed and now has a 15,000 barrel of ultra-high daily output.ZPEC was highly praised and appreciated for its performance in this case.
On May 11,2011,ZPEC No.20 Crew was highly praised by Gazprom for its one year,zero-accident construction record.
ZPEC received perfect scores in the 2nd safety work evaluation meeting and was rewarded 2% of the HSE contract price.
On March 18,2016,ZPEC created another record by completing the drilling depth of 4,836 meters in only 206 days (119 days ahead of schedule).

(2)Petronas Garraf IPM Project

Construction period:August,2014~July,2015
Rigs Mobilized:one 7,000 meter rig and one 5,000 meter rig
Wells Completed:7
On May 21,2015,ZPEC won the “Award of Safety Work for 500,000 Working Hours” for its excellent drilling work in Petronas Iraq project.
On July 3,2015,ZPEC successfully completed the work of Ga-A17P Well with a 2,794 meter depth,a 41°maximum inclination,and a drilling period of 38.38 days (saving 11.62 days).ZPEC created the shortest drilling period in this well among 7wells drilled in this area.

(3)Iraq West Qurna-2 Drilling Project

Client:LUKoil,Baker Hughes
Construction period:May,2012~November,2014
Rigs Mobilized:four 7,000 meter rigs and one 5,000 meter rig
Wells Completed:82
Daily rate:99%
The shortest drilling period:21 days
Single-day drilling depth 436 meters with a 16” borehole size.
The maximum displacement of 1,936 meters.
The well completed 20.5 days ahead of schedule.
ZPEC No.23 Crew completed WQ2-212 Well with 17.5 days ahead of schedule.ZPEC won high praise of “First-class Drilling Crew completed Crew in West Qurna” from the client(Luck Oil).
ZPEC No.23 Crew broke the drilling records in the construction of WQ2-197 Well (West Qurna Oilfield).It won the honor of “The Best Drilling Crew”.
February 20,2015 witnessed an outstanding record of drilling work for 1,000 days with zero accidents in the area of West Qurna Oilfield.
On Aprill 16,2015,ZPEC won the “Top HSE Management System Prize” awarded by the local president of Baker Hughes.

(4)Egypt water-well drilling project

Client:The Egypt water-well drilling project,which the owner is a subsidiary of the Egyptian government has been started in August
Period of Construction:Aug.,2016~2021
Rigs Mobilized:11 set of drilling rigs
Anticipated Workload:≥2,000 water wells

(5)Iraq Block-12 Drilling&Completion Turnkey Services Project

Client:Russia Bashneft Company
Period of Construction:From December,2016 to October,2017(Estimated)
Rigs Mobilized:One set of ZJ70D drilling rig.
Anticipated Workload:One Exploration well

(6)Iraq Shell Work-over IPM Project

Client:The owner of this Project is Royal Shell
Period of Construction:Jan.,2017 up to Jan.,2019
Rigs Mobilized:a XJ750 worker-over rig
Anticipated Workload:≥20 wells

(7)Iraq Halliburton Majnoon Daily Rate Drilling Project

Period of Construction:February,2017~February,2019
Rigs Mobilized:A 1500HP
Anticipated Workload:12 wells

(8)West Siberian Rosneft Large package Drilling service Project

Party A:Rosneft
Operation period: December 2017 to December 2019
Rig: 2 1000 HP low-temperature rigs
Planned well No. : 20

(9) MDOC Technology service Large package Project

Party A:Iraq MDOC
Operation period: November 2017 to May 2019
Finished well No. : 3
Scope of service: drilling fluids, directional drilling, well completion, cementing, well testing, bits

(10)Iraq Block 8 Project

Party A:PPL
Scope of service: rig, drilling fluids, directional drilling, well completion, cementing, well logging, bits, well testing, civil engineering, tubular procurement
Operation period: February 2019 to February 2020
Rig: 1 2000 HP rig
Planned well No. : 1

(11) Pakistan Exploration well project

Party A:PPL
Operation period: June 2018 to June 2021
Rig: 1 3000 HP rig
Planned well No. : 3+1

(12)15 Drilling & completion Large package project in Iraq Rumaila Oilfield

Party A:BP
Scope of service: large package
Operation period: August 2018 to August 2020
Rig: 1 Rig
Planned well No. : 15

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