Directional Drilling


More than 40 sets of imported and domestic MWD/LWD, RSS, electronic single/multiple shot, Gyroscope, instrument testing and calibration equipment.
·Annual capacity of directional well operation:200 ordinary well operation or 50 horizontal wells operation
·Specialized team that integrated with directional /horizontal wells engineering services and technical research. 
·Mainly engaged in directional drilling services including design, trajectory measurement (MWD/LWD, electronic single/multiple shot, Gyroscope, etc.), instrument calibration, etc. ZPEC directional drilling department has technical research and engineering services capabilities for directional/horizontal wells, cluster wells, multilateral wells, casing hole sidetracking, ERD(extended reach displacement) wells, deep and ultra-deep directional/horizontal wells and slim hole directional/horizontal wells, which has formed technical features in handling the operation of highly difficult directional drilling, thin formation horizontal wells with complex faults, ultra-deep horizontal wells, slim hole sidetracking wells, etc. 
East Baghdad High-inclination cluster directional well service
Client: MIDLAND Oil Company of Iraq 
Drilling time: Nov. 2017 to Oct. 2018
Drilling team: DD Team No.1 
Completed wells: 3
Drilling Record:
·It’s the 1st time cooperation with MdOC and IDC for drilling ERD Cluster well in East Baghdad.
·3 ERD wells drilled from Nov. 2017 to Oct. 2018, the deepest TD is 3604m with well displacement @ 2604m by using mud motor, Gyro, MWD and LWD tools, which well trajectory controlled smoothly and target tolerance less than 1 m at TVD of 2302m.
·No more difference comparison motor BHA with RSS in build & horizontal section, the wellbore trajectory is smooth and the casing operation is once in place.
·M/LWD data is all accurate and reliable, and the qualified rate of the data taken is 100%.
·The standard operating procedures for cluster well operations in Iraq have been completed.
·Formed a directional well operation procedure for safe and fast drilling of anhydrite, solving stuck drills, bit mud packs, and porous limestone formations.
·Empathy, respect for habits, all-round communication, close cooperation with multiple departments, safe and efficient operation.

Russian Харампурского Oilfield-Slim hole geosteering horizontal well for ROSNEFT
Client: ROSNEFT 
Drilling time: Dec. 2017 to Nov. 2018
Drilling team: DD Team No.2  
Completed wells: 16
Drilling Record:
·Two drilling rigs successfully completing 16 5-7/8” small wellbore horizontal guiding wells with a year;
·The average well depth is 1800m-1900m, the horizontal section length is 300-500m, and the average daily footage is 115.36m;
·Zero HSE accidents
·Overcoming difficulties, the first well is 14% ahead of the designed completion time, and the well body quality compliance rate is 100%.
·Completing the geo-steering service of the horizontal section of the small wellhole with one run, the reservoir drilling rate is 98% (the target layer thickness is 2.5 meters, the formation inclination angle is 4°)
·Well trajectory fully meeting client's requirements without any wellbore quality and safety issues.

·The first time entering the Arctic Circle among Chinese DD industry, who overcome difficulties and making progress.
·Directional Drilling Department of ZPEC provided the right motors、MWD and LWD instruments for extremely cold block.
·Prepared a tailor-made engineering design, drilling plan and risk control plan for clients.
·Solved the big problem that the borehole measurement orientation is seriously affected by magnetic field interference in high latitude environment.
·Initially obtained the experience of transportation, storage management and normal operation of directional equipment in the environment -50°C.

Mahu Oilfield-Slim Hole Horizontal Drilling Service in Xinjiang Mahu Oi lfield
Drilling time: Dec. 2017 to Nov. 2018
Drilling team: DD No.3 
Completed wells: 8
Drilling Record:
·On 13th April 2018 start to drill the 1st well of MaHW1333. Total 11 wells spud and 8 wells completed. Total footage is 44307m,average horizontal length is 1572.38m,drilling day is 84.24 day per well. All well profile quality rate is 100%.
·4 rigs operate simultaneously under condition of so tight time, heavy tasks, and concentrated workload.

·Concentrating on strength, tailor-made engineering design and drilling plan.
·Optimizing down-hole tools, bit and drilling parameters to maximum drilling efficiency.
·The first time to conduct horizontal open-hole side track in this area, forming an effective solution to improve the drilling rate.
·ROP no more difference comparison motor BHA with RSS in build & horizontal section. Affirmed by the client and setting a good example in the work area.

Drilling time: Feb.2019 to now 
Drilling team: DD No.4 and No.5
Completed wells: 1
Drilling Record:
·On Feb 25th. 2019, Ga-K94P was spud by ZPEC Rig 25, the planed depth is 4359.03m which is the maximum TD record in Garraf Oilfield. 35 directional wells were designed in WP-K.
·Challenges: Poor hole cleaning suffered when inclination was above 45degree, especially in long open hole. Difficult to slide and hold the inclination in very long open hole due to high drag and hanging off issue. In the deep section, EOU against the C-C distance.
·Optimizing the well trajectory and technical solutions, that can reduce drilling accidents and greatly improve drilling efficiency.

Drilling time: Dec.2018 to now 
Drilling team: DD Team No.2   
Completed wells: 5
Drilling Record:
·Overview: Since November 25, 2018, ZPEC has completed five slim hole horizontal wells with RSS.
·Challenges: The horizontal section is over 1000 meters, and the stratum is undulating. The maximum well deviation and the minimum well deviation in the horizontal section is more than 10 degrees, and multiple bands. The occurrence of well leakage occurs, which brings great risks to RSS.
·RSS solves the problem of well trajectory control and greatly improves the drilling efficiency.

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